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In today's hyper-competitive, global marketplace, the pressure is increasing from customers and shareholders to provide easy-to-use, online applications as a better way to conduct business. That's where Cisco Systems can help.
  GTS can design, supply, install and manage a wide range of security and access control solutions from all the major vendors.

With alliances across every major player, we will provide you with the right solution for your needs every time. From Cisco, SnapGear, Securepoint, Vasco and many other brands.


HP/COMPAQ is a leading provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing.
We are an Apple Authorised Reseller and a systems integrator. We can ensure that your apple will work with in your business environment and you be able to utilise all your network perhipals - especially if they are from other technologys. eg: microsoft systems/servers, cisco networks, SAN and NAS (storage & backup) systems.

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