Networking is the fundamental building block of a company's technology backbone. Having an effective communications package between your staff, customers and the outside world effectively ensures that you can do business in the most effective and secure way possible.

GTS specializes in designing networks that provide business piece of mind and security. We also provide a range of design and management services to ensure that your critical business services are always there when you need them. (Ask us about our 10Mbps/10Mbps 1:1 WAN at a fraction of the price from any other ISP.)

We provide a wide range of design, implementation and management facilities including:

1. Network design and scoping (being either Intel or Apple based systems).
2. Telecommunications infrastructure design and vendor negotiation
3. Wireless 802.11b, 802.11a and custom RF network design and implementation
4. Firewall solutions across ALL major firewall vendors.
5. High-end server design, construction and supply of complete hardware packages from vendors including Compaq, HP, Apple and IBM.
6. Anti-virus solution design and implementation with software from Norton Anti Virus.

GTS also provides a range of telecom services for supply and management of server-farms and web site hosting :

1. Web site application hosting - Quality Control
2. Database hosting - MS SQL and My SQL
3. Server supply, management and CO-location / telehousing - (Intel Based)
4. Site management and alert functionality
5. KPI adherence testing

Through our relationships with leading telecommunications vendors, GTS provides great deals on voice, data and Internet solutions including :

1. ADSL / SHDSL links
2. ISDN and Frame relay networks
3. MPLS (superior than VPN) solutions - local, interstate and international solutions.
4. Ethernet on Copper
5. Fibre Optic


GTS provides a broad range of Small, Medium and Enterprise-grade security products across a broad vendor base. These solutions include :

1. Firewall software solutions for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX (ask about our free firewall)
2. Modular hardware VPN and Firewall solutions - pre configured and managed
3. Strong encryption solutions for authentication and non-repudiation
4. Access control
5. Intrusion detection and monitoring
6. Anti-virus solutions
7. Content filtering and compliance management solutions.

Brands currently supported include:

1. Securepoint
2. Checkpoint Firewall-1
3. Cisco PIX
4. RSA Security
5. ISS
6. Trend Micro and Norton Antivirus
7. SnapGear
8. Comodo

Currently Comodo are providing free email certificates - used to encrypt and there protect emails across the Internet. Your receipted will be assured that the emails originating from you actually came from you.


Australia's corporate climate has never been so challenging and the need to streamline business processes and optimise strategies never more relevant.

If you are looking for no-nonsense assistance in optimising :

  • Your business plan
  • Marketing and business strategy
  • Staff and Infrastructure Effectiveness Testing (SIET planning)
  • Technology planning
  • Venture Analysis
  • Business sale readiness planning and analysis
  • Expansion planning
  • Financial optimisation

With more than a decade of experience in taking small businesses and turning them into finely tuned and efficient corporations - often producing a saleable or floatable enterprise, GTS has something to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes.

GTS, in partnership with leading business planners, accountants and tax specialists, we offer a complete solution to your IT needs and requirements.

  All our field engineers are highly trained, well respected within the industry. All senior engineers and staff are not only industry qualified but also are IEEE qualifies - giving not only extremely high technical ability but also a high business acumen ensuing all IT solutions will contribute to your bottom line.
Our services are charged on either an hourly basis or bulk hour purchase to reduce the cost . With in the sydney CBD there are no call out fee's. All jobs can easily be monitored, updated by our easy to use Job System. (See here.)

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