We can provide point to point or office to office DSL connection, via our MPLS network.

Unlike conventional VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies that require an internet connection at each site, our MPLS is a point to point connection. All traffic across our MPLS netork is unmetered and uncapped. Where as VPN technologies will cost your business: Internet Traffic at all sites, Firewall (security systems) at all locations. The total cost of a MPLS solutions is a fraction of the cost, than using any other solution.

We also provide internet access via broadband technology's. See Internet Access. This can be done either through GTS secure internet access or you can choose to have direct internet access and your system in house.

  As no traffic runs across the Internet (like many other ISP currently in the market place), there is no danger of traffic being scanned, monitored or even hacked by unwanted programs or users.
  We boast a uptime of 99.99%, with SLA (service level agreements) to ensure that there is minimal to no impact.

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