At Global Technology Solutions we are unique in that we provide value added internet access for your business. You can access the internet directly, we can provide static IP address - useful if you indent to run your own internet services in house such as a web server or have your email server directly accessible by the internet.


You can choose to access the internet securely through our secure internet services. These services include
• firewall proof internet access,
• Filter undesirable web sites and emails (anit-spam services, gambling, ban pornography)
• email virus scanning systems complimentary when choosing GTS as your DSL/Internet provider.
This can save your business up to $60,000 of up front infrastructure costs and constant maintenance costs.


Today there are many hidden dangers when connecting your business to the internet. The controversy between Google and China shows that even the big guys are struggling. Internet security is a constant evolving science. It is no longer enough to have a single static firewall, but a firewall that learns and is supported by intrusion detection systems (IDS). At GTS we have invested heavily in security so that our customers don't. Our systems are protected by several industrial strength firewall's, support by real time intrusion detection systems that have the ability to create defenses in real time. The systems are managed and monitored by our senior engineers ensuring there's constant vigilance when it comes to internet security.


Internet Access and Multiple connections (click here) sites can also be achieved. We can provided a fire walled internet access - what we call a clean feed to your premises. For those that wish to have manage their own firewall/security systems we can also provide a standard internet connection.

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