The Job System is GTS's unique self-service web interface for managing your emaill accounts or requesting technical assistance.

With the Job System you can:

1. Add Maillboxes
2. Add and modify email groups
3. Track and view solutions that either our helpdesk or field engineers have done for you.
4. Track your bulk hours used by our field engineers.
5. Change your billing address
6. Change your contact details
7. Submit online jobs to our helpdesk system direclty.
8. Quick tips

The Job system also serves as your primary help tool when communicating with GTS's support services. The Job Logging system maintains a history of support requests that are visible to both you and GTS's support engineers.

This through our managed service allows us to evalauate the IT solutions and therefore provide and overview of your IT support services that otherwise may not be obviouse on a day to day basis.


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